The Rain Outside

I enjoy the rain. It sounds nice falling on the ground and I don’t have to be out in it for an extended amount of time.

My affinity for rain is mostly aesthetic.  I may say “We really need the rain” to someone complaining about the weather, but I only do that because it is easier to sound high-minded than to make a case to the unconvinced that rain is inherently neato.

Also, I don’t look at rain as a personal necessity, eventually sure, but not right away and not here in any event. San Francisco gets its water from Hetch Hetchy out near Yosemite. For me to get a glass of water or flush the toilet, it needs to rain (or snow) there. Further south, people are more dependent on local reservoirs so maybe my saying we need the rain is showing solidarity with those outside my community. Yeah, that sounds right. I’ll go with that.

I suppose I would be less of a fan of the rain if I were homeless. I would be less concerned with its sound than finding a place to bed down where it would not come down on me all night.

I’m guessing here. I rarely talk to the homeless about the rain or much of anything for that matter. I have nothing against homeless people on principle.  It is just that tend to turn toward my being asked for money. I invariably tell them no, which is usually followed by some insult or guilt trip uttered in my direction.

I know I’m not the most charitable person in the world, but I prefer not to be reminded of the fact. This is particularly true if the person reminding me is motivated more by self-interest than concern for the common good.

I don’t blame them for begging of course. Those bottles of Night Train are not going to buy themselves. I still prefer to avoid confrontation so when I walk past a homeless person, I make it a point to not engage in conversation or even acknowledge their presence.

Especially if it’s raining.

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