Lumpen Some More

The phone interview went pretty well.  I yammered on for three quarters of an hour without the guy asking for a moment so he could put on his hip waders.  At the conclusion of our conversation, he asked me if I had any questions for him.  The main one on my mind was what was going to happen next.

I didn’t expect candor on this.  Hiring managers don’t come right out and call you an asshole.  That is considered unprofessional.  What they do instead is thank you for your time and tell you that they need to talk to other candidates, perhaps some who aren’t showing signs of brain damage.

What I was told was that they indeed needed to talk to others but I was still on the list for further consideration.  That was quite nice to hear.  I was also told that no decision would be made for at least two weeks and they might not hire anyone externally at all.  That was less nice to hear.

Where does that leave me?  Face to face with the sort of behavior I’ve never been very good at, that’s where.  Now comes the part where I must diligently search for another job while hoping this one comes through.  In theory, it’s simple enough.  In practice, I have a problem putting the existing job prospect out of my mind while looking for new ones.  This leads to putting less effort into the task than if I had no current chances at anything.  It’s a bad habit of mine, one that is the reason why I haven’t achieved as much as I could have in life.  Well, one of many reasons including drinking, daydreaming, and a near pathological hatred of authority.

So I’ll do something I didn’t in my last post.  I’ll ask you to wish me luck.  I didn’t need it then.  I do now.  Thanks.