After months of delays brought on by inertia, technical ineptitude, and near-fatal hangovers, the new Poison Spur has been launched in all its glory. The previous incarnation of the site seemed like a good idea at the time. I had assumed that if I had a place to share my creative outpourings, great things would happen. The result was a collection of seldom updated puerile crap. Clearly, it needed either a complete overhaul or to be taken to a secluded spot and quietly murdered.

It was sometime just after the beginning of the year that I came up with the idea of doing book reviews of sleazy old pulps. Galleries of the cover art have been a staple of the retro hip for years but it seemed like damn few people paid any attention to the words filling the pages. Certainly no one was reviewing the books. I saw my chance to become the Joe Bob Briggs of fiction.

Because there were some review-specific features I wanted to incorporate that wouldn’t mesh with other types of content I might include, I decided to put the pulp reviews in a separate blog and save the main one for site announcements and assorted blather.