It’s the taste
The taste of paste
Your diet’s based
On tasting paste
You live in haste
Your tests are aced
You rats have raced
For the taste of paste
Delusion based
Your life’s a waste
So get shitfaced
And taste some paste

Forensic Evidence

Forensic evidence
Left in haste
A calling card
Below the waist
It’s found in a girl
Who needed a spanking
And matches a sock
The perp used for wanking
A dollop of jizz
After taking a life
In an impromptu snizz
Carved with a knife
You find it in mouths
Vaginas and asses
Making David Caruso
Put on his sunglasses


Ingrown butt hair
Every follicle
Every molecule
Miracle Whip bubble wrap
Now part of taking of taking a crap
For when I shit
I need to sit
Too much to bear
This ingrown butt hair