My blog looks anemic. I figured there was  not much I can do about that. Except post more. Other than that, bugger all.

Then it dawned on me I could repost some of my old stuff with the original timestamp. I’ve decided to do just that. It won’t be everything and it won’t be my best work, quite the opposite.

What I won’t be reposting are my stories that I deemed to have potential. Those have been taken offline for some much needed turd polishing to make them good enough to be released on Kindle. A bunch of the shorter ones (<1000 words), along with 20 or so originals will be released as a flash-fiction collection this summer.

I’ve also left out posts done by a guest blogger in 2007. Same goes for my posts in reference to her stuff. I may include those later. I’m not sure. She writes quite well, but I’d rather toot my own horn.

Pictures and captions are gone. They’re too labor intensive to dig through my archives. Ditto when it comes to getting links to work.  The “Paleo Spur” and a few other entries are omitted because they make no sense without the inline images. The entry “Poo Flinging Revisited” is also omitted because reasons.

Lastly, I’ve left out those entries that are for the sole purpose of saying that I have nothing to say. If I added some other tidbit, fine, but I’ll spare you the “Check back Monday” updates this time around. I should have spared you then.

There is plenty of other stuff and the original typos are preserved in all their glory. They’re all under the category “Old Blog.” Enjoy.