A Hearty Handshake and a Boot in the Ass

This is my last day at my current job. I’ve known about my end date for the last eight months.  When I wasn’t dealing with maintenance tasks or farting around, I busied myself by keeping an eye on job openings and honing my geek skills so someone will hire me.

Not bad work if you can find it. Still employed, I was able to learn Python as well as Ruby on Rails. I rebuilt platypus.org with the latter, the first time the site had been touched in 13 years. I also made a new version of this site that discussed in my last post.

Starting tomorrow I’ll have even more time on my hands, but alas no paycheck to go with it. I have no idea how long this will last, hopefully not for long. Whether it’s six days or six months, I do have plenty to keep myself busy.  Continue reading A Hearty Handshake and a Boot in the Ass