Unfinished Business

I spent much of this past weekend trying to come up with a new story idea.  I wasn’t tying for anything that would win me an award or even be publishable anywhere but in my blog.  I just wanted a story that could hold a reader’s interest for 500 words or so.

I looked through a spiral notebook that I’ve used to jot down stuff that pops into my head when I was at work or some other place where I couldn’t take an idea and run with it.  I thought there would be an absolute gem in there somewhere since I have all this untapped genius that has been sitting there waiting to get out for almost half a century.

Alas, there were no gems, and not even what would rate a cubic zirconium.  This is what I found instead:

  • What the Retard Saw (murder-mystery title)
  • He had sleepy creepy Baldwin eyes. (character description)
  • “That’s just God’s way of telling you your faith doesn’t mean shit to him.” (Advice to the unfortunate)
  • Watching stump fucking on “Darfur’s Got Talent” (Pithy satire of mass entertainment)
  • Women are like onion rings.  If you batter them, they won’t make you cry. (Pearl of misogynist wisdom)

Not even my standards are that low.

I ended up spending most of Sunday morning staring at the ceiling in my bedroom and brainstorming.  I had a few premises with potential but nothing concrete.  Finally, I came up with something I could use.  Unfortunately, it not the kind of idea where the story writes itself.  To produce narrative that doesn’t completely suck, I’m going to have to work with this one.

I should have something knocked out by Wednesday.  If I don’t, expect another filler entry like this one.

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