Service Level Agreement: the Meagerness Continues

I finished Monday’s blog entry and posted it shortly before going to work.  I was glad I was keeping up the bargain I had made with myself to update Poison Spur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I was also glad that I had gotten over whatever bug had hit me on Sunday.

The latter gladness proved to be a tad premature.

I had slept well the night before (a couple of shots of Nyquil will do that) and woke up feeling a lot better than I did the previous day.  As I walked toward BART, I felt a little out of it but attributed this to getting too much sleep rather than genuine fatigue.

I rolled into work a gentlemanly ten minutes late.  This is a perfectly reasonable arrival time because there is a route from the elevator to my desk that goes nowhere near the offices of the few people who would give a shit.

I got to my cubicle and realized that I had left my laptop home.  The monitor, keyboard, mouse, and that gizmo that connects all those peripherals to it lay on my desk missing that one crucial part.

I went home, got the laptop, and came back to work as fast as I could (on the off chance any of my employers are reading this, I stayed late that day to make up the time, so there).  The extra exertion all but exhausted me.  Fortunately, I have a lot of experience showing up to work with the sort of hangovers that make mere influenza pale by comparison.  Making it through the day feeling like a coyote shat me over a cliff has become almost second nature.

I picked up some crackers and orange juice on the way home and then curled up on the couch under a pile of blankets.  I was in no condition to think, let alone write.

Yesterday, I felt better.  Not great, but better.  My MWF commitment was still firm and if all I had to share was some lame excuse tarted up with self pity, so be it.

I promise something better on Friday.  You, not-so-gentle reader, shall be both amused and impressed.

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