Two Nuts in Sac

Paula and I had set out from Oakland Saturday afternoon not entirely certain where we wanted to go.  We were thinking maybe Napa or Sonoma.  As we approached the Carquinez Bridge, Paula suggested Sacramento.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around a fairly empty downtown taking pictures of less ugly parts of the state capital, eschewing  the grim bureaucratic edifices near the capital building, each one looking like the DMV writ large.Perhaps I’ll get photos of those next time if I’m feeling in a dystopian mood, but on this particular Saturday, I was in the mood for prettiness.  Even with a camera as simple as what comes with an iPhone, I was able to create the illusion that I was on the street of a quaint and lovely little town.  All I had to do was point the lens so anything I didn’t want to see was out of the field of my field of vision.  It was quite easy really.  Most people live their entire lives that way.

Oh, and to the homeless guy standing in the street with his hand down his pants, undecided whether to start masturbating or keel over dead, thanks for not being in my shot.

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