Sleaze, Please

I have decided to bring back reviews of sleazy pulp novels. These entries will occupy the Tuesday slot, just after Meatmarket Mondays.

For the first two installments, I’ll be reprising reviews published last year in the now-defunct Pulp Reviews section of the site. That’ll give me the time to both address some technical and design issues. It’ll also give me a chance to assemble a backlog of content to cover those days when I’m too pooped to post.

San Francisco fans of this fiction genre are encouraged to visit Kayo Books. Thanks to their wide selection, I can dedicate my time to reading and reviewing the books rather than hunting for them. And no, they’re not paying me for this plug though I did steal the above cover art from them.

For fans of my random musings, fear not. Wednesday through Friday will be chock full of them.

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