Al Gore Skull Fucks Panda, Eats Its Butt

What seems to be all the rage, at least among conservatives, is to portray the former vice president as an eco-hypocrite. “An Inconvenient Truth,” of course, is what started all the brouhaha.

First, there was the matter of his $30,000 annual energy bill, high enough to suggest he left the light on after leaving a room at least once in a while.

Then, there was that incident with the Patagonian toothfish served at his daughter’s wedding. Early reports pretty much had him slapping his expansive gut and saying “Extinction never tasted so good.” Well, this turned out to be bullshit. The restaurant has documents proving that the fish in question originated from a well-managed and sustainable population, and may have even liked the idea of being killed and fed to a fat rich hillbilly.

Stay tuned for a report of him parking his SUV on top of nest full of ducklings and draining oil all over them.

But is he a hypocrite? Yeah, probably. We all are to some degree and career politicians are more than most. But unless I’m missing something, shouldn’t a reasoned debate about global warming and the environment concern itself with science and facts rather than all this ad hominem neener-neenering?

Or perhaps not. After all, his wife Tipper was a total pain in the ass during her PMRC glory days. If he couldn’t persuade her to shut the fuck up, how is he going to get me to give up my two favorite pastimes, dynamite fishing and Styrofoam bonfires?

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