What Was That All About?

I was going somewhere with that last blog post. Seriously, I was. The whole thing was supposed to be an intro whereupon I’d do a pop-the-clutch segue and launch into what I really wanted to talk about. Then I started worrying that it was going to run too long. For a blog, I’ve been pretty wordy lately and I didn’t want people to not read my stuff because it was too much of a time commitment. I figured it was OK to blather on at length on occasion, but not all the time.

I therefore decided to wrap it up, post it, and get back to the other stuff later. It was a good plan except that the nihilistic platitude “we all die alone” is fine as an introductory point, but pretty cheeseball as a standalone.

So where were we? Ah yes, I have just told you about the inevitability of dying alone and you the reader react with “No shit, Sherlock” or words to that effect. Now I get to the point and tell you that despite my apparent obsession with death and dying, I have no desire to kick the bucket anytime soon. What I envy in the dying is the freedom when the end is fast approaching.

Think about it. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything because nothing is going to matter for very long. Being in the world will be a job you used to have and you have now gone off to…well, there is some disagreement about that. Shakespeare and Star Trek VI called it “the undiscovered country” though that’s a little spiritual for my liking. I prefer to think of death as a trip with no destination. Bon voyage.

Enough about death. Let’s get back to the joy of not having to give a shit. This is something I’ve strived for even though my mortality is little more than an abstraction. Granted, blissful apathy is not something I pursue full time. There is stuff that is important in my life. I love Rebecca. I care about my friends.  I enjoy having food and shelter. Still, I do enjoy telling most of the world to fuck right off.

There you have it. That was what yesterday’s post was supposed to introduce. It hardly seems worth it now. It hardly seems worth it at all.

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