The First Design Flaws Emerge

From a cursory glance at the access log, it looks like there are a fair number of visitors who get come to the index page and go no further. To be specific, they’re not going to the pulp-reviews page, which keeps the site from being yet another piece of blogshpere blight. In some ways, I suppose that is to be expected and can be summed up as the no-porn-screw-this user experience.
I would happily accept this conclusion and let the horny geeks eat up someone else’s bandwidth except that the site has only been up for a day and I believe that most of the hits are from people whom I personally emailed and told about the reviews. Granted, most of these folks are bar people and therefore have a hard time paying attention to anything that doesn’t damage the liver. Still, they are my friends and I’m sure if they were able to find the link, they could be counted on to at least click on it and read a sentence or two.For this reason, I think I need to put a mini sitemap up above the search box that will include:

  • A clearly visible link to the reviews page.
  • A link to webmaster bio page because my ego can always use a good fluffing.

I should have these additions plus a new review by this weekend. If anyone has any suggestions for ways to make Poison spur suck a little less, please comment and share them. Thanks.

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