I’m Pouting

A couple of weeks ago, I started a my first Facebook group.  It was called I Bet I Can Find 14 People Who Like To Watch Old People Eat.  I thought it would go viral and millions of people would join.  I would find fame and fortune, quit my day job, and dedicate my life to hookers and blow.

Alas, that didn’t happen.  With a paltry nine members, the group did not even live up to its eponymous promise.  I spent some time trying to explain its lack of popularity.  I disqualified the explanation that the idea wasn’t all that funny to begin with on the grounds that it was hurtful to my ego.  That left me only one target for my blame.

Haiku purists.

The haiku I posted to the group had the proper number of syllables per line (without fudging by stuttering!) but lacked a seasonal reference.  I would have done better by writing something like:

Winter of their lives
Unchewables spat back out
Fucking disgusting

Live and learn, I suppose.

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