If You Drink, Don’t Drive

You simply can’t afford to do both.

I was sitting at the Argus, talking with a friend on Saturday night. A TV ad caught his attention.

“539 bucks a month? What the fuck?” he said.

That’s how much, according to the commercial, it cost to lease a high-end SUV. It dawned on me that this about the same amount as my monthly bar tab. It was a sobering thought. Well, it would have been if I hadn’t already downed three whiskeys.

Tonight I’m going to go home directly after work and stay there. There are plenty of unread and partially read books in my apartment. There are still leftovers from last night’s Chinese food delivery. There are smutty websites I haven’t check out yet (not to mention those that merit a second visit).

I can be a homebody for one night. Maybe I’ll even like it. Doubtful, but maybe.

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