You are reading the 100th blog entry to be published on Poison Spur. Tonight when I am at home drinking scotch out of a Santa chalice and looking at internet porn, I will raise my glass and toast this milestone. I urge you to do the same.

I’ve been pretty happy with how the site has progressed overall. My writing has become more coherent and I’m pleased with Meatmarket’s contributions on Mondays. There is a measure of mad genius in her and Poison Spur benefits from a take on life other than my own.

In fact, I’ve been enthusiastic enough to start promoting the site through search-engine submissions and the like. The benefit of this endeavor has been a small but measurable increase in readership. The drawback is a daily deluge of spam, enough so to force me to disable the autoposting of comments. I apologize in advance to those visitors who wished to send their credit-card information to the Russian mafia while thinking they were buying Disney toys for their kids.

I used to bemoan the fact that Poison Spur has no discernible direction but now I’m OK with that. If I were to draft a mission statement for the site, it would simply say “Whee!”

Or let me put it another way.

Let’s say some guy wants to try out a pickup line. He sits down next to some random woman at a bar and asks her “Are you a party pooper or do you just have one?”

What could he hope to accomplish other than having her throw the contents of her drink in his face? Nothing, and that’s the point. It is not the hope of favorable outcome that makes him say those words. It is the joy he derives from saying them.

And that, my friends, is what Poison Spur is all about.